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Testimonials From Parents

"Nutkins is such a warm welcoming and fun filled place to be. I am so glad my little boy is looked after by such an amazing and caring team."

"Nutkins is such a warm welcoming and fun filled place to be. I am so glad my little boy is looked after by such an amazing and caring team."

"My child‘s key worker is always willing to make time to talk to me, either on the phone, at nursery or at nursery even when it is busy. I find all the staff very friendly and caring. They all know my child very well and always find time to share information."

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for Charlie. Were so happy we choose Nutkins it‘s such a fantastic nursery and we will miss everyone. Charlie is turning into such a bright little boy thanks to all the brilliant staff and all your hard work. Thank you"

"You have all been amazing these past two and a half years that Hayden has attended. Nursery has been a huge millstone in Hayden‘s life with all of you playing a huge role in shaping him into the young ‘man‘ he is today. Thank you to Charlotte for your contagious happiness and love, Stacey and Nancy for all the amazing activities you have provided at group time, Lisa for her fabulous food and cakes, Debbie play and stories and to everyone else who helps make Nutkins the warm, fun, safe place that it is. Thank you so much"

"A big thank you to everyone at Nutkins. You are what made my time at Nursery a happy time, I am really going to miss you all, especially with the fantastic group times and meals. Look forward to coming in and seeing you soon in my school uniform"

"I feel that Nutkins is a happy, Safe environment for my child where we as parents feel very involved. I feel that my child is treated as an individual and her needs are met. My daughter loves coming to nursery and has grown into a happy confident little girl in the time that she has been there. I always feel very welcome and all the staff are easy to talk to and work very hard."

Parent's Views

Testimonials from visiting practitioners

We would love to visit Nutkins again with the rest of the girls. We have come back and described the layout to the others but it really needs to be experienced to capture the atmosphere. From a child‘s point of view, it‘s so exciting there, so magical and so special. I just loved the flow of activities and the opportunities to explore indoors and outdoors. No wonder you‘re all so enthusiastic about your work. Congratulations


The uniqueness of each child is very well understood and the setting works hard to meet the needs of all children. A fully inclusive environment has been created in which children are supported in making excellent progress in their learning and development.

Children are learning the importance of staying healthy because they enjoy very healthy meals and snacks prepared from locally sourced produce.

Children enjoy their time at the setting. This is a calm and industrious environment. Children play well on their own, with peers and in groups. They enjoy freedom of choice and this develops their critical thinking and decision making skills.

Resources and activities are extremely well organised to allow independent access and develop children‘s confidence significantly.

Parents are encouraged to meet with their child‘s key person. Consequently they are able to feed into the learning journey, creating a holistic view of each child.